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To the GSC church family and to the Christ-followers throughout our nation and beyond,

We have just concluded a most challenging, one-of-a-kind, difficult, and turbulent year but we shout with a shout of victory as can only be done by those who have been declared to be more than conquerors!

Our Kingdom advantage through the use of radical and “tough times” faith has positioned us as “More Than Conquerors” to have a one-of-a-kind glorious 2021 year.

2020 was a setup for 2021. The Bible exclaims in 1st Corinthians 2: 9, “But as it is written, no eye has seen and no ear heard, neither has it been conceived in our imaginations the things that God has in store for those that love him.” Please know that you have been prepared for 2021 to be a year of God’s favor despite all the other challenges that we will face….so live out the creed of being MORE THAN A CONQUEROR through Christ Jesus.

Thanking God for you and the blessings he has prepared for you this year,

Bishop D.R. Murray Sr.


Fasting, for the believer, is a spiritual discipline that is designed to align us with God and His purpose in our lives. As a church, we are fasting together to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, believing that everything else we need be added (MT. 6:33).


The Daniel Fast is a partial fast, which means that we will eliminate some common things from our daily diet, but will have generous options available. We will focus on eating fruits and vegetables that are pure and simple. We have included a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid. If you have any condition which would prohibit you from being a part of the Daniel Fast, there are other options. Choose something from your daily routine. (i.e. specific foods or beverages, television, other technology, etc.) and fast in that manner for the next 21 days. Remember, the details are not as important as the spirit in which you participate.

*If you have any known medical conditions or suspect such conditions, consult your doctor before beginning the fast.


Monday, January 4th – Begin the “Daniel Fast”

At dinner, begin to introduce meals with pure foods of fruits and vegetables. This plan will continue for the next 20 days.

Sunday, January 24th – Break the Fast after Sunday’s service at GSC